convenient knowledge

Yesterday Daniel Schorr was saying on NPR that the new book by Scott McClellan doesn’t say much we didn’t already know, i.e. we already knew Bush & Co. had lied us into a war. Ok, I admit, I did know it.

But who would have thought that the broadcast media knew it? Are you kidding? Forever they’ve been saying, “not really a lie, so much as a mistake.”

Remember the old days when they would fall on their swords?

And then for generations after it was a figure of speech, “to fall on one’s sword”, the trope.

But I knew things had changed when after 9-11 I suggested handing out swords, and everybody told me, oh, didn’t I know, it was just a joke now-a-days. Nobody really did that anymore.

Yes, I knew that. For another few generations Westerners just resigned from office, and kept the swords in the closets. No, the joke is that now they don’t even resign anymore.

Back to Bush & Co. lies. It is a whole topic in history by now. When did Daniel Schorr begin calling out our lying leaders?

Should he and oh so many others be falling upon their pencils?

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