Ninth Circuit panel decision in favor of school uniforms

9th Circuit Upholds School Uniform Policy

If attaining freedom were easily accomplished, American ideals would not be so significant in European history and the broader sweep of Western civilization – not so significant in what has become now World civilization. If Americans are so ready to lay down their freedoms, imagine other populations who have not been indoctrinated to believe that freedom is a basic right of everyone. To take that fundamental stake as basic, and let all restrictions come as exceptions to the basic rule of freedom, that represents taking a stake in the American ideals that might be conceivable to a student growing up in the public school systems in Iowa during the 1950′s and 1960′s.

But now that I see that the American citizenry is apparently willing to let an imperial executive branch set stunningly corrupt precedents with impunity, I am not so sure I can continue to promote the faith that the People only need be presented with the real facts in order that they will meet any national crisis. They certainly have the facts, yet they do next to nothing about it.

Those who believe that American salvation will issue from classrooms more similar to Pacific Rim factory modalities than anything else that comes readily to mind, they perhaps long for the days of Sparta. More likely is simply a regression to the mean, and we are being presented a portrait of our own basic stuff – the kind of stuff that is brought forward in any justification of governance. The kind of stuff that Americans forged our Constitution to protect us from.

There is some kind of cusp between the far reaches of the Right, and the far reaches of the Left. Along that cusp we find all kinds of interesting experimental suggestions regarding human social behavior.

How different are the old-fashioned American ideals. Those who feel them instinctively in their depths must not assume that such is a norm of human social psychological behavior. Those tend toward polarities of command and subservience. American ideals therefore only survive if we keep the flame alive. If the current trend continues, that flame of truth will not be an allowable symbol on school uniforms, I fear.

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