“here, you drive”

[approximately] “The US said it might even be willing to accept advice from its friends and allies about what to do [in Iraq].” -NPR Morning Edition 2008-03-27.

It reminds me of an old joke.

But I’m sobered to know that it is not a joke. It seems to me that humor directed against murderous war criminals should be more cutting. (And probably better not to be heard by younger children.)

Anyway, a Republican [or pick your own victim] is driving along a mountain road. The steering wheel comes off in his hands. He passes it over to Democrat, saying, “Here, you drive.”

I’m not sure how the twists of this trope might be altered to more faithfully represent actual reality these days. Something has to refer to the Democrat greasing his hands before attempting to wrest the wheel from the Republican, who somehow also has a fake drivers license.

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