Do Not Force Public School Students to Wear Uniforms

Some public school boards argue that social conflict may be avoided through the imposition of conformity of dress among the students. This idea is an indirect assault upon one of the fundamental principles of freedom, which is that restrictions must only arise from compelling facts. There are no compelling facts that would dictate that students must dress in uniforms. It is not permissible that restrictions on Constitutional rights may be imposed in order that someones ideas about social control may be tested.

There is, within the animal that we all inhabit, a strong innate human social tendency toward fascism. I call that tendency “the fascist gene complex”. Whatever it is called, it expresses itself in a variety of active and passive roles, the common goal of which is to form strong groups which gain advantage over, steal from, rape, kill or eat the weak.

This inborn potential represents a constant threat to such higher-ordered human social inventions as political democracy. It is especially strong among those human primates which fail of a personality trait known as intellectual reflection. (I say this would without doubt include vampires of any breed, Republican or not, as vampires are said to be invisible in mirrors. I’m not sure whether it depends upon whose mirror it is.)

There is a substantial movement against the imposition of such personal conformity in the public schools as is represented by compulsory uniforms for the students.

The anti-uniform sentiment seems to grow from a profound and natural understanding of the meaning of freedom, and also – perhaps yet more profoundly – a sense of the meaning of the loss of freedom.

Such grassroots movements to preserve freedom are the very life of democracy itself.

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