denomination of oil transactions, etc.

The US is heavily in debt, much held by Saudi Arabia, Japan and China.

Iran is on the defensive, understandably. At the same time it is the second largest OPEC producer. Iran is asking Japan to please pay for oil in something other than dollars.

Bush is poking the tiger. What is his plan? If it succeeds, who wins? Who loses if it doesn’t?

Could a general movement away from the dollar in international oil sales affect the US internal economy?

Add the bursting real estate bubble.

Add dismal US creditability and the degree of international hatred toward us.

Karzai meets with Ahmadinejad, despite strong US pressure not to.

“After departing from Kabul, Mr Ahmadinejad was due to fly to Turkmenistan before going on to Kyrgyzstan to attend a summit meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, a body created by Russia and China to address regional security threats, foster economic integration and counter US influence in central Asia.”

Is the US demos prepared for the effects of imperial retreat? Huh? Where am we?

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