banned in Uzbekistan

I received an email inquiry from a foreign embassy in Tashkent, asking why the Schema-Root Uzbekistan page did not contain any Uzbekistan news.

And so I was eager myself to know why it did not.

But when I looked at the page, it was full of Uzbekistan news.

I explained in my email answer that I could not reproduce the problem. I asked for a brief description of the page he was seeing, and noted that the Uzbekistan page has a map of Uzbekistan in it upper right corner.

I received another email in reply. It said that the page now has a large “X” where the map used to be, and that he thought the source of the problem was at his internet service provider. He enclosed the newsfeed that he was getting – and, sure enough, there was no Uzbekistan news there.

I imagine his email is being read, too.

I think a good method for combating such censorship might be to simply have more websites and blogs devoting attention to Uzbekistan.

And, by-the-way, Bush’s erstwhile collaboration with Uzbekistan puts the lie to any claim that he invaded Iraq to help make the region more democratic.

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