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Emdad Rahman

Monday, April 9th, 2007

I’ve been working on Schema-Root for several years. I call it an Encyclopedia of Current Events, I suppose somewhat grandiosely. But I haven’t seen another website that fits such a description better than Schema-Root. If you know of one, please let me know.

I like to read news because it helps me feel less disoriented. I would say it helps me feel oriented, but I really haven’t got there yet. The human brain obviously wasn’t designed with the modern world in mind. At least mine wasn’t.

On the other hand, trying to figure out what the heck is going on is certainly a challenge, and our brains do find some joy in the pursuit itself.

On the other other hand, “joy” hardly is a word one would choose to put in too close proximity to general comments about the current state of the world. Excepting for stopping to smell the roses, I suppose. It’s not really a joyful world out there.

This came home to me again today. Leaving car bombings, Afghanistan, Iraq, Waziristan, Darfur, on and on, to the side for a bit, I experienced a flashback to Palestine a few years ago, when I came across Emdad Rahman’s blog, All in a Day’s Work. He has a poem and a series of pictures about the sniper killing of Muhammad Al Durrah and his father. The tears came to my eyes again, to be reminded of that lad’s terror in the final moments before his death. And I felt for the father again. His final moments before he and his boy were killed.

And I thought about the military-industrial-complex again. And of the people who profit from the violence, and about their yachts and summer homes, and their kids graduations and marriages, and so on.

And again I realized how small that one incident was in the history of the world, and how thousands of such incidents happen each day, even not considering the 40,000 or so kids that die every day of starvation.

And in my poor little human brain, there is bewilderment at the disconnectedness between so many people.