December 15th, 2010

What the WikiLeaks revelations show is that democracies globally have become subverted by the politicians and bureaucrats that have been elected or appointed to serve them.

This explains why they collaborate so frantically to try protect themselves from exposure, even at the expense of the democratic principles that they pledge and are paid to defend.

Globally we have essentially two classes, the government and the governed. Those who have captured control of the governments enrich themselves. The rest of us will be wise to join the global democracy movement.

Nancy Pelosi and torture

May 8th, 2009

Nancy Pelosi claims that she could not report information she received in classified discussions by the Bush administration about the torture tactics that were being used. That is an interesting relationship between these two branches of government. It makes for a kind of a collusion between them. The result is that they both have secrets to keep from the people. Secrets like about whether the executive is torturing people, and about who knows it.

Strange stuff, democracy in America as practiced by those who are elected via their sympathy with corporate interests. By their fruits we know them. When it comes to political ideas, they appear baffled by any notions that elected leaders somehow hold any responsibility for the health of democratic institutions, per se. Those who insist on such responsibility are taken as naive and idealistic. It is like such ideas are part of some elaborate joke, and those who don't get it, are bereft of the sense of humor.

Richard Florida

February 21st, 2009

Richard Florida was interviewed by Scott Simon for NPR’s Weekend Edition today. I don’t want to dwell too much on nothing at all, but Florida summarized his misconception when he said that the question Obama must answer is how capitalism is to develop into the future. Florida’s plan is that we will not own houses because we will be meeting the labor market of the future by being super mobile, and therefore happier as renters.

That Obama is publically construed as rightfully some champion of capitalism, rather than of the Constitution, or of the people, is signal.

The pushing of the idea that the citizenry should become nomads in pursuit of the green pastures of corporate designs is offensive.